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The company is engaging between many private companies in a variety of sectors seeking to make their securities electronically compatible for purchase or sale in order to cover fundraising capabilities. 

We have significant experience with high yield, investment grade and convertible notes offerings, including financing for leverage acquisitions.

SBS Group has since been introduced to numerous companies and intends to sign them up through this mechanism which will be linked to Bloomberg via a central custodian which will allow both a platform and avenue for their stock to be executed.


The electronic platform is rapidly growing and is capable of operating worldwide and therefore we are not restricted to the UK for our customer base.

We seek to engage through a specialist company to enable Crest and Euroclear functionality and the portal access via Bloomberg, the global giant, covered under a dedicated arrangement specifically for this purpose


SBS Groups global insight is invaluable. It helps to manage complex cross border transactions and aids compliance with regulatory frameworks.